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At GoodRx, I shaped the UX for mobile web, enhancing search functionality, streamlining the store finder, and elevating marketing touchpoints.


GoodRx, a renowned platform providing consumers with cost-saving solutions for prescriptions, was seeking to optimize its mobile web experience to further its mission. With increasing mobile traffic, there was a clear need to refine search functionalities, enhance the store locator feature, and create impactful marketing touchpoints. I was privileged to lead the UX initiative to address these challenges.

The Challenge:

As GoodRx's user base expanded, feedback and analytics pinpointed areas of improvement:

  1. Search functionality often led to non-specific results or failed to load popular medications.
  2. The store finder lacked intuitive filters and displayed cluttered results.
  3. Marketing touchpoints on mobile felt disjointed, lacking the seamless experience users expected.

Research & Ideation:

A data-centric approach was paramount. Utilizing:

  1. User surveys to understand search behaviors and pinpoint pain points.
  2. Heatmaps and session recordings to visualize user interactions and identify friction points.
  3. Stakeholder interviews to align the redesign with business goals.

Design Solutions:

  1. Search Functionality Overhaul:
  2. Introduced auto-suggestions, leveraging past user searches and popular medications.
  3. Streamlined search results, categorizing medications and providing quick links to related drugs.
  4. Revamped Store Finder:
  5. Integrated intuitive filters, allowing users to sort based on proximity, store ratings, and prescription availability.
  6. Redesigned map and list views, ensuring easy navigation and clarity in locating pharmacies.
  7. Elevated Marketing Touchpoints:
  8. Implemented consistent branding elements, ensuring a cohesive look and feel across banners, pop-ups, and CTA buttons.
  9. Optimized the flow of promotional content, ensuring users encountered touchpoints at strategic moments without feeling overwhelmed.

Prototyping & User Testing:

Using iterative design processes, we transitioned from wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes. These prototypes underwent rigorous testing with diverse user groups, ensuring our solutions resonated well and genuinely addressed the identified challenges.

Launch & Outcomes:

Upon rolling out the optimized mobile web interface:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: Search functionality improvements resulted in a 40% increase in successful search queries, indicating users found what they were looking for more efficiently.
  2. Efficient Store Locating: With the revamped store finder, users spent 30% less time locating a store, signaling a more streamlined experience.
  3. Improved Marketing Interactions: The bounce rate on promotional content dropped by 20%, showcasing that the elevated marketing touchpoints struck the right chord with users.


The GoodRx mobile web optimization journey underscored the power of user-centric design. By understanding pain points and aligning solutions with both user needs and business objectives, the redesigned interface delivered a superior, intuitive, and impactful user experience. The project served as a testament to the transformative potential of UX, not just in enhancing interfaces but in genuinely bettering user interactions and engagements.

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