Crafting seamless digital experiences remotely

For over 10 years, I have been making digital products better by enhancing performance, simplifying usability, and creating outstanding user experiences. Whether working with industry giants or innovative startups, I’ve helped improve digital products for both users and the businesses behind them.

Chances are, you've used products I designed or improved

Seeking Alpha | Web

Seeking Alpha's redesign, focused on user needs, enhanced navigation and engagement, solidifying its lead in investment insights.

Olay | Mobile

We worked with Olay (P&G) on the first personalized skin care app to help women find the right products with a selfie.

NBC Universal | Apps

We designed the future of content streaming with one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies for today's audiences.

Marriott | Web

I helped Marriott find where their customers were getting inspiration to plan travel and found ways to increase local engagement, accessibility, and authority.

Seattle Department of Transportation | GIS Software

dotMaps streamlined SDOT's operations, fostering enhanced urban planning and community engagement in Seattle through unified data and teamwork.

Capterra | Web

Researching small to medium size business operators to optimize the largest business software marketplace.

Chase | Web 🔒

Collaborated with the Chase marketing team to enhance credit card landing pages, optimizing promotions and sign up experiences for new credit card users.

Ford | Web Game 🔒

At Ford, I led UX design for a web-based competition platform, optimizing user engagement and content-sharing experiences.

Apple | Software 🔒

At Apple, I refined the UX for internal marketing planning software, elevating the interface to match the brand's signature fusion of form and function.

General Assembly | Lead Instructor

Taught hundreds of designers hands-on UX skills and UI design as a lead instructor at General Assembly.

GoodRX | Web

At GoodRx, I shaped the UX for mobile web, enhancing search functionality, streamlining the store finder, and elevating marketing touchpoints.

Google | Software 🔒

At Google, I spearheaded UX design for AI-driven internal ad testing tools, optimizing user interactions and predictive analytics.

What clients, colleagues and students say about me?

"Sharif's creative energy, technical insight, and leadership have been an outstanding addition to General Assembly's UX Design Course. Since joining as the Lead Instructor in Los Angeles, he's helped us grow the program - updating and introducing new lectures and tools pulled directly from industry experience.

Sharif communicates with clarity and is always willing to take on a challenge. He has inspired and motivated his students and colleagues with his enthusiasm and passion for accessibility and human-centered design. He has a great way of dealing with problems and conflicts with compassion, calm and respect. Sharif cares deeply about his team and work — making him a strong UX advocate and design leader."

John Madigan
VP, North America Operations at General Assembly

"Sharif was my lead instructor when I made the decision to change career trajectories and it was under his tutelage and guidance that I am where I am today. I find his teaching to be meaningful and passionate as he fully-embraces and lives what he teaches. By that, I mean that he actively looks to solve problems in whatever he is involved in; he not only uses UX methodologies in his work but also the way that he thinks and teaches; he understands that while UX as a whole has a lot of overlapping and repeating principles, that no single project or journey is the same and as such, students shouldn't be told to follow any single path when trying to discover where they wanted to take their UX abilities and careers.

He teaches by allowing his students to explore and provide his feedback when he feels it's necessary to keep them within best practices. He understands the necessity of learning through practice and for that, I am extremely grateful because it's that practice that he fostered in the classroom that helped prepare me to continue to grow as a designer professionally."

Nicole Doan
Product Design Lead at Kaiser Permanente

"Sharif is a natural leader and outstanding UI/UX designer. He always had a new way to see things and did a brilliant job of bringing the user's perspective into the discussion. He brought a combination of creativity and empathy to his work and to the products as a result. Sharif’s style is highly rational and data driven yet very inspirational in his tone with clients. The most encouraging part is that he pays attention; he listens. He really listens. Sharif was also great at dialogue in the sense of working back and forth to generate and incorporate ideas from a whole team. The end result was always excellent and surprising."

Ashley Karr
Vice President Research at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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