I design digital solutions that deliver big results.

I've had an amazing opportunity over the years to work with brands large and small to design and enhance their digital products.

Worked with the best companies in the world

Olay | App πŸ”’

We worked with Olay (P&G) on the first personalized skin care app to help women find the right products with a selfie.

NBC Universal | Apps πŸ”’

We designed the future of content streaming with one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies for today's audiences.

Marriott | Web πŸ”’

I helped Marriott find where their customers were getting inspiration to plan travel and found ways to increase local engagement, accessibility, and authority.

Capterra | Web πŸ”’

Researching small to medium size business operators to optimize the largest business software marketplace.

Chase | App πŸ”’

Worked with Chase UX team on designs for web banking interfaces, streamlining account management for both debit and credit card users.

Ford | Web Game πŸ”’

At Ford, I led UX design for a web-based competition platform, optimizing user engagement and content sharing experiences.

Apple | App πŸ”’

At Apple, I refined the UX for internal marketing planning software, elevating the interface to match the brand's signature fusion of form and function.

General Assembly | Lead Instructor πŸ”’

Taught hundreds of designers hands-on UX skills and UI design as a lead instructor at General Assembly.

GoodRX | Web πŸ”’

At GoodRx, I shaped the UX for mobile web, enhancing search functionality, streamlining the store finder, and elevating marketing touchpoints.

Google | Software πŸ”’

At Google, I spearheaded UX design for AI-driven internal ad testing tools, optimizing user interactions and predictive analytics.